Note: To confuse matters slightly, the announcer for each episode would always read a different title from the caption shown. The episode title shown in italics is the title read out by the announcer.

Revenge and Remorse/A Guilty AlibiA Guilty Alibi

Guest star: William Shatner

When the judge and prosecutor for a recently released bomber are killed in explosions, the evidence seems to point to Eddie Casales - however, Frank is not so sure...

Going down the list of names...Drebin and Capt. HockenPlease disperse - nothing to see...

Several of the gags used in this episode would turn up again in the Naked Gun film series ("Is this some kind of bust" and the "Please disperse" immediately come to mind).

Dr. Joyce Brothers asks Johnny about the Cinderella ComplexQuestioning CasalesDrebin enjoying a drink

The butler did it/A Bird in the HandA Bird in the Hand

Guest star: Robert Goulet (who would later turn up in Naked Gun 2)

A young socialite is kidnapped and it's upto Police Squad to find her before it's too late...

Drebin takes a suspect in...In the Japanese gardenDrebin driving

Interesting point: During the party scene the song "Happy Birthday" was sung - however on subsequent showings of the episode (and on video release) a substitute song was used.

One of the funniest scenes in the series is at the end of this episode when a monkey runs amock during the end credits!

Tommy Lasorda asks Johnny about his pitching situationIn the lift - 2But this is the Tuba capital of the world!

Testimony of Evil/Dead Men Don't LaughDead Men Don't Laugh

Guest star: William Conrad

Drebin goes undercover as 'Tony Dawonderful' to infiltrate a night club and break up a drugs ring.

Toe tagsIn the lift - 3Tony Dawonderful

The series ends with a cracker of an episode - Drebin as Tony Dawonderful is extremely funny. Interesting note: When the episode was originally broadcast some Judy Garland songs were used in Tony's act - subsequent repeats have replaced those songs.

Want a light?Don't move or the dummy gets itDick Clark asks Johnny about ska music

As you can see from this page and the previous one - although there were only 6 episodes made, they are all very funny and well worth watching if you get the chance.

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