Note: To confuse matters slightly, the announcer for each episode would always read a different title from the caption shown. The episode title shown in italics is the title read out by the announcer.

A Substantial Gift/The Broken PromiseThe Broken Promise

Guest star: Lorne Greene

Frank has to find who killed the teller at the bank - his girlfriend says it was a recently fired employee of the local tyre company but Frank has his doubts....

Drebin questioning SallyDrebin trying to console the dead man's widowDrebin getting tough with the dentist

An excellent episode, sets the tone well for the series - the Jim Fell questioning with Sally had me laughing out loud and the scene with Drebin at the dentists had me in hysterics.

Johnny being asked about life after deathDrebin confronts SallyIn the lift - 1

Ring of Fear/A Dangerous AssignmentA Dangerous Assignment

Guest star: Georg Stanford Brown

Frank investigates the world of boxing when a boxer refuses to take a dive and ends up being murdered...

Outside Jim's GymDrebin and MuffyDrebin says 'I will get you out of this sewer'

Some nice visual gags here (Drebin and Muffy) and what looks to be a small role for Alan Reed (Fred Flintstone) as a security guard.

A surgeon asking Johnny about heart bypass surgeryPress to see the boxer (the guard looks and sounds like Alan Reed)Drebin and the Captain in the boxers room

Rendezvous at Big Gulch/Terror in the NeighborhoofTerror in the Neighborhood

Guest star: Florence Henderson

A dance school teacher goes to Police Squad when she is beaten up for not paying protection money for her school. Frank and Norberg go undercover as shop owners to investigate...

The orphanage pays for protection...Drebin and NorbergHelpful notice on door

Another excellent episode, and the first one to feature Norberg. Particularly funny are the gags with Drebin and Stella on the phone to Dutch, and the fight at the dance school between Drebin and the mob enforcers.

Fireman asking Johnny about putting out a blaze at a furniture warehouseKeys cut whilst you wait...Drebin meets Dutch

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